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May 17, 2013, 00:25 IST | Dhara Vora

Kailash Parbat, one of the city's iconic eateries, now goes trendy with a new outlet in Mulund named Juicy Carts

On our usual trip to the buzzing area around the Cypress residental complex near Mulund’s hills, we found out a new restaurant, Juicy Carts, which proclaimed to be a Kailash Parbat franchisee. Happy to find a yuppy version of the five-decade-old SoBo culinary house in our neighbourhood; we excitedly went on a tasting spree.

The Chole could have been better

The restaurant with the brightly lit interiors was buzzing with customers including boppy teenagers sporting Justin Bieber hairstyles and chatty aunties discussing the two Aashiqui films under the same roof. Their fairly open kitchen and glass tops displayed fresh fruits including strawberries in this season. The menu had obvious items such as chaats, juices, shakes, and snacks — Pav Bhaji, Samosa and Chole Bhatura — with a few surprises such as Exotica Pizza and Fat Burner juice.

Made with a crunchy multi-grain base, the pizza was yummy. Pics/Dhara Vora

We first opted for the Mirchi Kachori Chaat (Rs 59) and an Exotica Pizza (Rs 99). The chaat was fiery but thankfully the copious dahi calmed our sinuses and made for a tasty snack. The bhajiya though wasn’t as crispy, perhaps owing to the fact that it was the end of the day. The Exotica Pizza came with regular toppings of bell pepper, corn and broccoli, but the winner was the crunchy multigrain pizza base. Hardcore pizza-lovers might find it amusing, but we would definitely go for a second round of this healthy option.

The interiors of Juicy Carts

Next we ordered a Chole Bhatura(Rs 99) and a Banana Berry (Rs 79) smoothie. The bhaturas were delightful, though the chole were hardly topnotch, as one would expect from a joint run by Kailash Parbat. Still, not disappointing, we say.

Map/Amit Bandre

The smoothie made for a great accompaniment. We thought of ending our dinner with a Dutch Chocolate Mocktail (Rs 89), which was just a regular chocolate milkshake and a Paan Masala mocktail (Rs 89). The Paan Masala was one of the best in the city; thanks, to flavoursome bits of betel leaf, roasted coriander seeds (dhana daal) and a little flavour of fennel or saunf. The service is quick and the food competent, but to keep up with another famous sandwich place in the same area, Juicy Carts will have to still live up to KP’s legendary reputation.

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