I admire Zubin Mehta: Raphael Alexandre Lustchevsky

Apr 15, 2014, 09:43 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Polish artist Raphael Alexandre Lustchevsky, who has been wooing music lovers across the globe for two decades, returns to India, this time to enthrall Punekaris with his piano recitals ranging from Beethoven to Piazzolla. In a chat with Swapnal Tilekar, the performer talks about his musical journey and his love for live performances. Excerpts from the interview

Q. How did you get inclined towards music? Which has been your most memorable performance till date?
A. I started my concert career when I was 16. My first performance as a professional concert pianist took place in Japan, with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. Many outstanding venues followed, including the Warsaw Philharmonic, Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore, The Unesco House in Geneva, etc. Each concert has something special and in a way becomes memorable. My recent concert tour in Australia has been a memorable experience, both for the acclaim it garnered and the warmth of the people I met there.

Polish artist Raphael Alexandre Lustchevsky
Polish artiste Raphael Alexandre Lustchevsky

Q. As an artiste, what is your personal favourite — orchestra or recording CDs?
A. Performing with an orchestra is an exquisite experience and a thrill. Being the star of the evening and the focus of attention of the public is certainly my personal favourite.

Q. Who are the pianists/musicians that inspire you?
A. There is a list of pianists that inspired me and had an impact on my development and in shaping my artistic personality. Some great masters I had the privilege to know personally are A Weissenberg, L Berman, K Zimerman and others like A Rubinstein and M Argerich. I admire many orchestra conductors; Zubin Mehta is one of them.

Q. You have performed as a professor and lecturer for many workshops for students; how is the response to music (especially piano) from the new generation?
A. The new generation is very quick in their response and eager to learn fast. The Internet is a supporting source of information. I must say that India is a developing market for Classical music. However, there is a serious lack of music teachers, musical instruments, and concert venues. Music performing is not yet taken seriously here. For comparison — in Europe it is a full academic career.

On April 16, 7 pm onwards
At Mazda Hall, Dastur Primary School, Camp.
Entry Free

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