I always wanted to be an author: Vicky Ratnani

Apr 02, 2014, 11:49 IST | The Guide Team

3 Questions: With Vicky Ratnani, chef-author

Vicky Ratnani, chef-author

1) What prompted you to write this book?
I have always, wanted to be an author but that took a backseat due to my passion for cooking. However, upon watching my TV show, I started receiving many mails and letters from followers of the show, requesting for my recipes. The desire to become an author and the demand from the public is what led me to write this book - Vicky Goes Veg.

2) What are your favourite vegetarian dishes and why?
Four of my favourite vegetarian dishes are:

a) Garlic Soup - I know it sounds peculiar and people might cringe at the sound of this, but the recipe showcased in the book is learnt from an Austrian Chef and hence you can be rest assured that this dish is extremely delicious. It is perfect, since garlic is very good for health.

b) Green Chillies and Raw Mango Risotto - In India, risotto has become a favourite with people. However, most of them complain that it is bland in flavour. In this dish, you can combine green chillies, raw mango and ginger, which will give you a tasty risotto, punched with flavour.

c) Chickpea and Almond Croquet - This is a twist to the general use of chickpeas in dishes. The combination of chickpeas and almond is very unique and different. It is an out-of-the-box recipe and works as a great appetiser.

d) Everything Green Soup - This is a raw soup. It does not need to be cooked and takes less than five minutes to prepare. It is highly nutritious and healthy.

3) What skills/techniques should chefs possess while making a vegetarian dish?
There are a few secrets every chef must know:

a) Vegetables should always be fresh

b) Vegetables must be blanched in boiling hot water for less than a minute

c) Vegetables should not be overcooked or else it can lose its nutritional qualities.

Vicky Goes Veg, by Vicky Ratnani, HarperCollins, Rs 799. Available at all leading bookstores in the city.

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