I am always taken in by all the attention: Vidyut Jammwal

Jul 15, 2013, 09:56 IST | Special Features

Vidyut Jamwal has attracted a number of female fans with his macho act in his last film. However, the handsome hunk maintains that he's quite shy in real life.

He tells CS, “Honestly, I’m quite a shy guy and am always taken in by all the attention, especially when I’m showered with so much by girls and women. It feels great, no doubt (smiles).”

On a more thoughtful note, Vidyut adds, “Women form an essential element in everyone’s life, especially in that of a man. Hence, more than anything else, I believe in loving and respecting all the women in my life. They are so unique and yet so similar, and deserve every bit of our attention.” 

Vidyut Jammwal
Vidyut Jammwal

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