I am done with doing cameos: Jimmy Shergill

Feb 28, 2013, 08:42 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

'Saheb Biwi And Gangster Returns' actor on his back injury, comeback films and co-stars on the sets

Jimmy Shergill has been working in the industry for more than a decade now and considers the ongoing phase as one of the best and happiest of his career. In a candid chat, the actor shares with us his equation with Tigmanshu Dhulia, Saif Ali Khan and why he has become choosy.

Jimmy Shergill

What has been the recent highs and lows in your career?
Two years back, I fell ill and was out of action for more than a year. I had major problem in my neck and spine. After I recovered from it I did Special 26 and Saheb Biwi And Gangster Returns. I also finished my Punjabi film. I have decided to work with certain people. I am also done with doing cameos! I have to be careful slightly regarding my health too which has been playing quite a bit on me.

How did you cope up with your illness?
I was working way too hard. I could not even take out time for my honeymoon... I wanted to work on one film at a time but then I would offered another one which I could not turn down. Then my wife told me that I’m burning myself. Adding credibility to her words, even the doctors advised me that I should be less stressed. So I chose to take break and returned signing amounts to many people though I feel that I should have not taken such a long break.

You were launched with Uday Chopra and Jugal Hansraj but only you have managed to stay in the race?
Talking about Uday and Jugal, they have always been choosy about their work. If Uday wants he can be working day and night outside of own production house because I know the kind of offers he keeps getting but he is particular about it. Jugi had that thing that he always wanted to direct films. As far I am concerned I am not from the industry. I had to work my way out to reach here.

How is Tigmanshu as a director?
I have worked with him in Haasil and then we did Charas as well. We have always been friends. However for the next six years, we did not work together. Still we would often catch up with each other. Then he offered me the first part of Saheb Biwi and Gangster when I was in Canada. Once I returned to India, I agreed to do it. Now the second part was really tough for me as my character is on a wheelchair throughout the film. I have worked with so many directors but he is the only guy jisne dosti nibhayi. He offered me the lead when not many people would have dared to do that.

How was it working with Irrfan again?
We have worked in Haasil and Charas. When the former released, I told everyone that he is my favourite actor. He is brilliant in terms of performance. Tigmanshu told me that Irrfan will play a gangster in our next, I was very excited to be acting together.

Can you tell us something about your next film with Saif Ali Khan?
I have worked with Saif before in Hum Tum and Eklavya but we did not really get time to bond like we got to do now. We shot the film in Lucknow for more than a month. This time around, we actually sat down and spoke. After a long time I can say I had an amazing time shooting for a film as he has an interesting sense of humour. There should be many things on your mind but when you meet him, you forget everything and break into laughter.  

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