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I am in love with two girls. One of them stays at my hometown in Jaipur. The other is in Mumbai where I am currently based due to my job...

Dear Diana,
I am in love with two girls. One of them stays at my hometown in Jaipur. The other is in Mumbai where I am currently based due to my job. Our families back home always talk about the two of us getting married. We are not engaged, but her parents and my family have spoken about it. They know that we like each other. The Mumbai girl came into my life six months back when I shifted to my new rented place at Borivli. She is a neighbour's daughter. She has completed her graduation and currently at home. Her family has been nice to me by way of providing me with meals. They have a key to my place so she has also been supervising the cleaning and washing when the maid arrives as I keep long hours at work. I am nice to her and talk to her parents. I get the feeling that her parents think I am a good match for her. I am also fond of her. I have not told them about the other girl back home and how our families are keen that we get married. But I know I will have to choose and I am finding it difficult.
– Rajveer

 Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Rajveer,
You seem to be taking this Mumbai girl for a ride. They are being nice to you, but you have to tell them the truth. The sooner you tell them the better. Turn the picture around and see how you would feel if your girlfriend had some other guy in the wings. Stop cheating on the girl back home or tell her it's over. You say your family and the Jaipur girl's folk are talking about marriage. So then you have to decide and let them know if you prefer the Mumbai girl. One more thing, what are you going to do when girl number one finds out about girl number two? So make up your mind before the going gets tough and all hell breaks loose or you will end up losing both of them.

Diana will solve it!
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