I am a foodie and an enthusiastic cook, says yesteryear actor Tanuja

Jun 11, 2013, 09:32 IST | Special Features

Other than films, it is food that bonds yesteryear actor Tanuja and her two daughters.

The lady tells CS, “I am a foodie and an enthusiastic cook. However, my daughters are total opposites of each other. While Kajol is not so interested in cooking, Tanisha has been doing the rounds of the kitchen since a very young age.


In fact, there have been times when Tanisha has called me from abroad to know how to cook a particular dish.

Then, I would keep her on hold and ask my mom. She would then keep me on hold and ask her cook (laughs out loud). It used to be hilarious!” Well, like beauty, cooking skill too are mostly inherited, aren’t they? 

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