I am in a happy state of mind, says Sridevi

Aug 14, 2013, 09:07 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

From close quarters, Sridevi looks much younger than an average 50-year-old. "I am in a happy state of mind and I guess that reflects on my appearance," says the mother of two teenage daughters

Here's what the lady had to tell CS about success, films and shopping at a recent event. Excerpts.


Success mantra
I was very touched when the audience gave me such a positive response for English Vinglish. It was simply overwhelming. As far as success is concerned, I have taken life as it comes. I feel my strength is in my positive attitude towards life. I believe in my work and that's about it. I don't like to take unnecessary stress as it affects your health and mindset. A tension free mind is the key to looking and feeling great.

Career conscious
I have been reading a lot of scripts lately. At this juncture, I want to do work that excites me. Moreover, I need to have complete faith in my director and the team I am working with. The setup has always been important for me. Hopefully, I will sign on a film sometime soon.

Fashion forward
My daughters are in their teens and like to keep in touch with the latest trends. They often give me tips on what to wear and what to buy for what occasion. I would say we are a democratic family when it comes to shopping. At times, they buy what I tell them to buy and vice versa. As far as my style goes, I like items that are classic and look elegant in all seasons.

Staying fit
I don’t follow any special diet or fitness regime to stay in shape. I eat healthy and lead an active lifestyle. I would say that I am a disciplined person and that has helped considerably.

Retail therapy
Like every woman, I too love shopping. I find retail therapy very relaxing and therapeutic. My favourite shopping companions are my daughters. Whenever, we go shopping we take a lot of time whether it is in a departmental store or in a supermarket. I enjoy shopping for clothes, jewellery, accessories and household items as well. At a supermarket, I love checking out the variety of sauces and cheeses. Tabasco sauce is one of my favourite items (laughs). I do pamper my daughters and buy them what they like.

A ‘bag’full of style
If someone raids my closet, the one thing he or she will find in abundance are shoes and handbags. I can't tell you the exact number though. I have been collecting them since my younger days. I somehow always want to own the latest ones in town (laughs).  

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