I am like a parachuter: Gioconda Vessichelli

Mar 16, 2014, 11:26 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Says Italian singer, theatre actress and dancer Gioconda Vessichelli, adding that she may just take up a Bollywood offer that suits her sensibilities

Truly, when it comes to music, there are no boundaries. Otherwise, why would an international soprano choose to want to settle down in India? Italian singer Gioconda Vessichelli, who has sung in opera houses around the world and who lent her voice to a song for Bollywood movie Prague, says she’s stunned by the way of life in India. And she might give acting a chance too! Excerpts from an interview:

When did you realise you were interested in music?
I think I was born singing, not crying (smiles). Even as a child, my favourite pastime would be pretending to be a singer. When I was 12 years old, I heard Maria Callas and I felt hypnotised by her beautiful voice. So I started singing not only in pop, but also in an opera voice. I started my career when I was just 16 years old. I was the youngest soprano working in the theatre with colleagues who were 50 years old!

Can you tell us about some of the work you have done with the Indian music composers?
I have recorded Italian versions of four of Salim Sulaiman’s songs with a blend of opera. Leslie Lewis has written a beautiful song especially for me. It will be used in a Bollywood movie. Apart from that, a CD and video is in production now.

If an acting offer comes your way from Bollywood, would you take it up?
I did receive a few proposals to act and model earlier but I was too busy focussing on my music. But I think if a director proposes a story that resonates with me, then I would think of taking it up. Besides, I’m a ‘parachuter’. I like jumping into new things (smiles).

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