I am so lonely....

Feb 11, 2013, 07:20 IST | Diana

I am 33 with a stable job and a decent home but no life partner

Dear Diana,
Loneliness is biting me. I’ve tried to mingle with ladies my age on matrimonial sites but it was not worth it. I guess I was meant to be alone with nobody to love and care for me. I think I will die alone.
— Humayun

Dear Humayun,
Goodness gracious! You are only 33 and for a guy it is not as if his biological clock is ticking away. I am sure you will find someone. You seem to be obsessed in finding someone. But there is no gameplan in this. Love happens. So keep yourself busy with work but at the same time make it a point to catch up with friends. Be sure that you mingle. Join a recreation club or indulge in some outdoor sports. Someone somewhere is surely there for you.

Diana will solve it!
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