'I am taken aback by my girlfriend's demands...'

Dec 31, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

I have been with my girlfriend for three years. For a while now, she has become too demanding

Dear Diana,
I have been with my girlfriend for three years. For a while now, she has become too demanding. She keeps cribbing about everything and anything. She has drawn up a list of demands that I have to cater to. This includes expensive gifts and getaways. She was keen that we take off for the New Year celebrations to a holiday destination, but I put my foot down. After that she has gone on a different track. She gets angry and violent for the silliest of reasons. I have been trying to figure out the reason for her recent excessiveness. All that I can see is that her sister's guy has been splurging her with fancy buys, so she wants me to keep up to his standards. I am from a middle-class family working in a trading company. Her sister's guy is part of a family business so he can well afford lavish stuff for her. How do I knock sense into this woman who has become too difficult to handle for me?
– Sumeet

Dear Sumeet,
Her sister is continuously feeding her with information about what her guy does for her. He can be splurging her with lavish gifts because he can well afford it. You cannot and strangely your girl does not see it. Or perhaps she does not care as long as you buy her expensive stuff. You need to explain to her that you do not have the means of buying such stuff and do not want to be in debt by living off credit cards. Is the woman after you or your gifts? She is turning to be a golddigger and at the rate you are going, she sure looks that she is set to ruin you. Have a frank talk with her and if she does not change her stance, it is better you look at your relationship anew. Given the situation, she will be constantly comparing you with her sister's guy. You are better off without these comparisons and this girl. Find someone who will love and care for you and not for the stuff you buy for her.

Diana will solve it!
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