I am the only friend my boyfriend has!

Updated: Apr 06, 2019, 07:16 IST | Dr Love

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I am the only friend my boyfriend has!

Dr LoveI don't know if I have a real problem, but it sometimes seems like it is. I am a 24-year old girl and have been in a relationship with a 22-year old guy for three years now. He is great, and we have a good time together, except for the fact that I am the only friend he has. He is pretty anti-social, doesn't chat with anyone, barely speaks to his parents, and only opens up to me. I am worried about this because I wonder how he will cope if I ever break up with him. I am not considering ending this relationship, but this dependence puts a lot of pressure on me and he doesn't seem to understand that it can feel claustrophobic. I would love it if he had at least one or two other people in his life, because it would make things less stressful for me. What can I do about this? Am I being dramatic about something that I shouldn't worry about?
I don't think you're being dramatic, nor do I think this is something you shouldn't worry about, especially if you believe it puts unnecessary pressure on your relationship. Your boyfriend may mean well, and being an introvert is not a problem, provided it doesn't start to affect the equation you share. He needs to give as much as he takes, because that's what makes relationships work. If you explain to him why this stresses you out, he may try harder to meet new people. He probably hasn't made an attempt because you haven't been clear about why this puts pressure on you. Maybe you can make things easier by introducing him to new people, and going out in smaller groups until he gets to a point where he can meet other people without you around?

What can I do about my partner's constant habit of looking at his phone while speaking to me?
Take away the phone and tell him you deserve more respect.

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