I am tired of saying jhakaas: Anil Kapoor

Sep 23, 2013, 08:36 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Anil Kapoor talks about the new phase in his career, his new series '24' and more...

His much talked-about television show 24 is set to go on air and Anil Kapoor can’t contain his excitement. At top form in terms of his physical fitness levels, Kapoor is hoping that his show kickstarts a new phase in his career.

Anil Kapoor

Will you be cool with comparisons with the American original?
The budget for international shows is generally huge. Though I didn’t think twice before having to spend big money on my show. Moreover, few people in India have seen the original series. It is not fair to compare but we have done our best.

What do you enjoy more production or acting?
That’s why I gave all the responsibility of production to Abhinay Deo and the others. I have spent big amounts on all the professionals on the show and didn’t try to be stingy. I didn’t cost-cut so that I could concentrate on acting.

How do you look back at the 35 years in Bollywood?
I have had a lot of peaks in my career. But there are certain moments that you want to soak in, and this is that moment. I am tired of saying jhakaas and singing Ayeji oyeji. I sometimes feel I have done nothing beyond all this.

Do you see yourself directing films?
No, production calls for a lot of responsibility. Directing films is not easy at all and it takes a lot of time. I already have several films in my kitty. I have my family too to look after.

How do you keep so fit?
I work out regularly and follow a strict diet. I have been working out with a trainer from abroad.

What’s next?
Apart from Welcome Back, I have signed a film with Rajkumar Santoshi and then there is Nayak Return. It is not a sequel of the original. It is my responsibility to put this film together. Then there is Sharmaji Ka Atom Bomb with Abhishek Sharma. 

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