I believe in buri nazar, says Esha Gupta

Aug 29, 2012, 08:49 IST | Jigar Shah

Actress talks about her upcoming horror film 'Raaz 3', working with Bipasha Basu and carrying a tiger's eye to ward off evil

Esha Gupta’s family has been a big fan of horror films over the decades. Little surprise that Esha grabbed the third film in the Raaz franchise with both hands. Speaking to us over the phone, the actress talks about sharing screen space with Bipasha Basu the original heroine of Raaz and keeping her own talisman to guard her from evil...

Esha Gupta

We’ve heard you were a fan of the original Raaz?
Yes, also my parents are big fans of horror films. In fact, Zee Horror Show and Aahat were the only serials we were allowed to see late in the night. I remember seeing Raaz on cable though it was a very bad print. It was one of the best horror films that had been made in India and I still remember the scenes where Bipasha’s hair flies in the air… they were really scary! But I was very apprehensive about the current installment. I didn’t know if I would be able to act properly.

Do you believe in black magic?
Buri nazar is something that I very much believe in. My make-up people and my stylist put a black tikka behind my ear when they find me looking good. I come from Delhi and people there believe a lot in buri nazar. In fact, ever since I joined the industry, I carry a tiger’s eye with me for safety.

How was it working with Bipasha Basu?
When I met Bipasha for the first time I was scared but she was just like a friend. I have seen her films during my growing up years and here (on the sets) I was sitting with her… she gave me a hug and we began talking. Raaz was a landmark film for Bipasha and I’m hoping that it does the same for me.

Does it put pressure on you to do well in Prakash Jha’s next?
Yes, there is pressure. Since this is just the first year for me in the industry and I have two films releasing back-to-back. When I met Prakash Jha, I was scared of him. I met him twice and then we spoke for a long time. On our third meet he signed me for his next.

Any awkward moments while shooting with Prakash Jha?
I remember that when I was doing a scene with Om Puri, I was petrified and started sweating profusely.

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