'I believe in content'

Jul 25, 2013, 22:49 IST | Nilesh Rao

Neil Nitin Mukesh was recently in the news for his accident on a film sets.

The actor tells CS, “I did not realise that gunpowder had entered into my eyes. There was a lot of burning but thankfully there was no major injury.” The actor who is now busy shooting for a crime drama talks to us about his choice of films, doing intimate scenes and why the 100-crore club does not bother him.

Neil Nitin Mukesh

Edgy choices
While choosing my films, I look for the content i.e. the story being told. I like characters that are somewhat different. The length of a role is immaterial for me. Even if I have a screen time of 10 minutes, it does not matter to me as long as my character leaves an impact. I prefer larger-than-life characters, which are completely different to my real-life persona.

Memories, not monies
I am not at all bothered about the Rs 100 crore club. Of course, I am happy for people who make that kind of money, and I too would love to be a part of the brigade. However, working in a good film is what matters the most to me. A good film is one which the audience remembers over a period of time. It need not be a film raking in Rs 100 crores at the box-office. I would like to add that I am really grateful that people know me as an actor, and not a star. Their recognition matters the most. They like me as an actor, which is very encouraging.

Kiss and tell
There’s nothing wrong with doing an intimate scene if a script demands it. When it comes to kissing scenes, I feel they should be performed aesthetically. A kiss is a beautiful thing (laughs). I feel that kissing scenes are over-hyped. They have been happening in our films since the times of Raj Kapoor and even Aamir Khan.  I don’t understand why people make such a noise about it? As far as the tag of the next Emraan Hashmi is concerned, I am not here to dethrone anyone (laughs). I want to be remembered for my performances. 

True to myself
As an actor, one needs to be grounded. I have not changed even though I have been a part of the industry since seven years. I go to the same gym and park for jogging. I meet fans and pose for photographs. I feel fans are the most important part of an actor's life. My association with an NGO also helps me stay in touch with the realities of the world.

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