'I believe in the karmic circle, destiny and karma'

May 13, 2012, 10:46 IST | Pooja Thanawala

It's been nine years since she took a break from films after Baaz (2003), but Karisma Kapoor still boasts a figure that would be the envy of girls half her age. The '90s star, who is now a devoted mom, returned to cinema this week with Dangerous Ishq and talks about her changing priorities

Does it feel good to be back to the grind of shooting?
Being back on the sets feels fabulous. Yes, I have been away for 6-7 years. But I never really missed anything. I have always been connected to movies through Kareena and various endorsements.

Why did you wait for so long to make a comeback?
My first movie released when I was 16 years old. Thereafter, I worked very hard. Settling down and having children was a gradual progression; and I was very clear then that I wanted to focus on my family. Vikram (Bhatt) asked me to do a film on past-life regression a couple of years ago but I didn’t want to work. One day, he came to me again and said he had completed the script; and it would be the first woman-centric 3D movie in India. I was completely bowled over by the script. And now that my daughter is older and going to school and my kids have so many activities, I decided to do
the movie.

How much work goes into retaining your looks and figure?
I have always been into fitness, and healthy eating habits, so it is all of that put together. Going for a walk is a daily routine. I have never felt the pressure to do anything drastic.

Your character in Dangerous Ishq undergoes past life regression. Do you believe in the karmic circle and  reincarnation?
I believe in the karmic circle and destiny. We have travelled together through many lifestimes. I think all of us have experienced that when we talk to a friend or a co-worker. Suddenly you feel so connected to this person. You wonder why? It is because of the karmic connection.

Does Bollywood today offer more opportunities for heroines who are mothers?
I definitely think so. The audiences’ mindset and the industry has opened up. But I am in no rush. I could sign three films tomorrow but I want to work at my own pace.

How supportive is your husband Sanjay Kapoor about your return to films?
I would not like to answer that.

Are your children, Samaira and Kiaan, fond of your movies?
Frankly, they are very young. They have seen a few of my songs but they don’t watch my movies per se. They watch programmes like Sponge Bob on TV. To them I am just mom.

This is the first time they saw you working as an actor. Is Samaira excited for you?
No. She thinks she has a normal mom, not a star. She knows mamma is an actor and so is maasi (Kareena), naana (Randhir Kapoor), granduncle (Rishi). It’s normal for her.

Have Saif and Kareena set a date yet?
All of us are very excited and waiting for them to set a date. I really don’t know whether it is happening this year.

Considering Dangerous Ishq is about multiple lifetimes, how do you look back on this lifetime of yours?
I have learnt everything that I have been through in my life. I just take each day as it comes and am positive about everything that comes my way. I have no regrets.

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