I can have different avatars: Vidya Balan

Jan 14, 2013, 08:03 IST | The Centre Stage team

She never fails to surprise us.

Yes, we are talking about Vidya Balan, who has struck a strikingly daring pose in a recent Bollywood calendar. So when CS asked her about it, the lady said, "Why are you so surprised?

I am an actor and I can have different avatars. And I don't mind being uninhibited as long as I have complete faith in the photographer before me." Further on, when she was asked about who would she like to share a frame with, pat came the reply.

"Sean Penn. I would like to be with him as I want some of his acting talent to rub off on me." We are sure that he too will be happy to share the frame with you Vidya! 

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