I can't control my winking...

Dec 24, 2013, 08:10 IST | Diana

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Dear Diana,
I’m 42 and a happily married guy. I’ve recently discovered that I’ve started winking at people without any intention on my behalf. Often, this unnecessary reflex of mine creates weird situations for me. For example, last week, a female subordinate of mine was smiling at me suggestively. It was later I realised that this winking disorder has gone beyond control. Should I consult a specialist?
— Udit

Dear Udit,
You need medical care pronto before someone else gets the wrong message. Winking for fun and effect is something else, but this looks like a physiological disorder. Before you land into trouble, get yourself medically tested. It is clear that involuntary winking is not normal, so do not waste any more time. 

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