'I can't find a guy to marry'

Jul 15, 2013, 23:43 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I'm 29 and my parents are goading me to get married soon. Everyone wants me to settle down.

All their arranged alliances are proving to be futile as I just can’t find anyone suitable or they don’t find me suitable. I can’t find someone to love me. I have a lot of friends but no one to love — no one who would marry me. I am happy doing my job in a publishing house. I don’t have too many friends too.
— Farida

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Farida,
You may be happy in your own cocoon but your parents want you to settle down. They are anxious to see you married like all parents do. It appears that your life is only office and home. Maybe that is the reason you have not found anyone. Perhaps you are sending the wrong messages across which is keeping guys at bay. Learn to loosen up and be ready to mingle. You cannot keep a deadline for finding a guy. And remember love happens, you cannot go searching for love. Best of luck.

Diana will solve it!
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