'I can't get her out of my head'

Oct 17, 2013, 23:39 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I broke up with my girlfriend four months ago. But I'm not able to forget her as I keep remembering all the things she told me and we did together.

I want to get her out of my head. I haven’t tried to contact her since the day we ended our relationship. Neither has she but it’s proving to be difficult.
— Dhiren

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Dhiren,
It’s good that you have cut off all communication with her, it will be easier to move on. As it is only four months since you broke off, you keep remembering her. Time is the greatest healer. Give your heart some time to heal and you will outgrow her. It will no doubt be tough but if you want to move on to a new relationship, you have to. Also, do not keep tabs on what she is doing as this will make you go back again and again. Remember your past cannot be part of your present and you have a future to look forward to.

Diana will solve it!
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