I cannot fathom today's film promotions: Paresh Rawal

Sep 28, 2012, 09:02 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Veteran actor-producer talks about going overboard for with promotional activities of 'Oh My God'

Paresh Rawal is exhausted. For the first time in his career, the veteran actor-producer has gone on an overdrive for the promotions of his upcoming film with Akshay Kumar. He admits, “I don’t think I have ever done stuff of such magnitude for any of my films. From being on television shows to visiting shopping malls to radio stations to attending series of events and giving scores of interviews across the country.”

Paresh Rawal

He is also under the weather and his ears are blocked. “As I am also the co-producer of the film, I have gone that extra distance. But all that travelling and putting on your best appearances gets to you.” Considering that he is a theatre person, such rigours should not be daunting for him. But he points, “Doing theatre is like a nasha for me. What I cannot fathom is how the film’s promotions are carried on nowadays. 

“I am not against film promotions but the approach towards it. You need to be seen on television and hoardings and in the media but visiting shopping malls is something I cannot fathom. People throng the area just to see the stars. I really wonder how many of the thousands of people present actually go and watch a film.” His upcoming film is based on his play Kishen v/s Kanhaiya for which he is still having shows. “The film is 75 per cent different from the play. I feel doing the play simultaneously will compliment the film,” says Rawal.

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