'I cheated on my faithful husband...'

Jun 02, 2014, 06:30 IST | Dear Diana

I am 29 and work in a travel agency. I ended up cheating on my faithful hubby during a work-related tour

Dear Diana,
I’m 29 and work in a travel agency. I ended up cheating on my faithful hubby during a work-related tour. I haven't been able to tell him and at the same time, my guilty conscience is not letting me be at peace. I've told my best friend what happened and she wants me to keep mum to avoid domestic troubles. I don't know what to do now. I am not in touch with the guy. It was one of those heat of the moment stuff and one thing led to another.
- Antara

Dear Antara,
It all depends on how mature your husband is to handle it. If you conscience is biting you, then tell him the truth. How will he react? It depends. You are being honest with him and want to make amends, so he might forgive. But if he is in no mood to accept the revelation and comes as a shock to him, it will affect your marital life forever. He will not be able to trust you again. You say you are not in contact with the guy, so then keep mum and next time be wary before you let go yourself in the heat of the moment.

Dear Diana,
My wife no longer loves me. We have been married for seven years. She feels trapped in our marriage. We have a six-year-old daughter. She has started going out on weekends and not coming home till late evening. She says there is no one else in her life. Just that she finds her existence dull in my company. Should I just give her time to be a little free or is it all lost now in our marriage?
- Parmesh

Dear Parmesh,
If there is no one else on her front, then it appears she is bored in the relationship. You marriage has reached a seven-year itch point. Household drudgery has taken a toll and she wants to break free. Tell her to spend time away from home or travel so that she can reflect on what is wrong and bring the spark back in the marriage.

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