I could have been an Olympian, says Alesha Dixon

Jul 24, 2012, 16:22 IST | ANI

International singer, Alesha Dixon states she was interested in becoming a professional athlete.

Alesha Dixon, who has a successful music career and a stint on two of the UK''s biggest talent shows under her belt, has revealed that she once had dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

The 33-year-old singer used to run for England and had hopes of eventually flying the flag for her country.

Alesha Dixon
Alesha Dixon.

“Before I got into music, I studied sport and used to run for my county,” the Daily Mail quoted Dixon as telling LOOK magazine.

“I idolised former sprint and hurdling champion Colin Jackson when he was at the peak of his athletics career, and at the age of 15 I was training at the Gosling Stadium in Welwyn Garden City when he came to visit.

“Colin was lovely. He spoke to us for ages and I got to watch him on the field. I dreamed of becoming a professional athlete,” she said.

Although her sporting career didn''t amount to the Olympic dream as she decided to focus on music, the ‘Britain''s Got Talent’ judge has always refused to ''play the victim'' in life.

“Life isn’t all clouds and candyfloss, real life is difficult for a lot of people. I chose how I applied myself through certain times. Do I choose to be positive and move forwards, or do I sit here and play the victim,” she said.

“With anything that’s happened in my life, I never sit there and feel sorry for myself. Its life, it happens - learn from it and move on,” she added.

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