I couldn't get a ticket to watch my own film: Deepika

Jul 21, 2012, 06:24 IST | Jigar Shah

Deepika Padukone on the audience empathising with her latest character Veronica, doing yet another film with Saif Ali Khan and losing a bet with producer Dinesh Vijan

When we finally managed to get through to Deepika Padukone’s cell, it was already 10 pm. Given that she had a hectic day in between shoots, it came as a pleasant surprise when Dippy’s voice came through from the other side, sounding fresh and chirpy. With her phone ringing nonstop ever since Cocktail released, the actress talks to us about her latest release and hoping to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

It has been a week since Cocktail released. How has it been for you?
Can you believe I didn’t get a ticket, when I wanted to see the film with my friends? The week has been very good. I have to keep my cell phone on charge throughout the day; it just refuses to stop buzzing. The response that I have got has been overwhelming. One of the most satisfying moments has been that most of the critics have appreciated my performance as Veronica. Also a lot of people came up to me and told they knew how Veronica felt in the second half of the film, as many of them had gone through the same phase.

Have you ever come across as a girl like Veronica in real life?
I have come across girls who have traits like Veronica but no one like her. I have never come across anyone who has sacrificed her love. Like some would dance on table tops or be attention seekers. For me, Veronica was out of my comfort zone, as I didn’t identify with her.

Have you ever been in such a royal mess that comes from complicated romances?
Thank God, no such royal mess has happened with me, or with my immediate friends. We are a rare and lucky group in that sense.

An elderly aunt wants to know if Deepika Padukone wears pants at home?
(Laughs) Let me put it this way: I wear comfortable clothes at home.

You had a bet with Dinesh Vijan for R 10 lakh that the audience won’t like Daru Desi...
Please don’t remind him about the bet! I have to pay him soon.

You are doing your fourth film with Saif. Aren’t you bored?
No! In fact, it is a delight to work with him. He can be funny as well as irritating at the same time.

Are you in talks with Milan Luthria for his next film with Saif?
I have heard about the film through Saif and in the papers but that’s it. I don’t know anything else about it.

Also are you in talks with Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Ram Leela?
Who wouldn’t want to work with him, but I haven’t had any contact with him.

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