I created the rules because it was my vision that built IPL

Sep 26, 2013, 00:16 IST | Lalit Modi

Constant innovation thus is the only way forward, for a company or even a country.

The IPL in my time was an example of this. We innovated, learnt, and innovated again, rapidly. And yes, I created the rules because it was my vision that built the IPL from nothing; where others at the time saw the possibility of failure, I was the one who dreamt of success, and worked towards it.

What characterised the IPL and defined its success was the ability to look into the future, to see its gains and pitfalls, and to then plan and execute it. The IPL became my identity -- and when the brand you create becomes your face, it loads greater responsibility on you.

I identified issues in advance and kept moving ahead. Where others saw uncertainty, I saw opportunity. I understood the playing field, identified the potential trip-wires.

Did I take risks? Yes I did. Innovators need to take risks; when you chase a dream, you have to think big. Was I ruthless? Yes. Ruthless is good. Our forefathers were ruthless -- they needed to be, in order to survive.

But vision and innovation require backing -- the backing of the fans, which I got in abundance, but also the backing of the hierarchy. Innovators are given freedom (by the boards, shareholders, whoever) to to move rapidly, to build something big.

It is because of this freedom that they are able to succeed where others fail; it is also equally a facet of corporations that when they succeed beyond the imagination, and those who ride on the coat-tails of the innovator get greedy, they then blame the very innovations, the risks, the decisions, that produced success in the first place.

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