I did nothing but eat, sleep and dream about this project: Saahil Prem

Aug 20, 2014, 12:50 IST | The Hitlist Team

Saahil Prem on the music in his film 'Mad About Dance' and what motivated him to compose different tracks for it

If you’ve heard the song, Kahan hai khuda, from the film, Mad About Dance, and are already in love with it, you might want to know the story behind it.

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Saahil Prem
Saahil Prem

Composed by Saahil Prem, the leading actor and the director of Mad About Dance, this is the first time that Saahil has done the music for a film. In fact, the song has three versions — dubstep, acoustic and a remix — each one of them has been composed by Saahil.

The actor-director says that he explored his musical talent, as he wanted to get the right feel and the right music for the kind of dancing that is shown in the movie. “This form of dance requires specific music. We already had two conventional songs, so I decided to try my hand at something different,” says Saahil. “As a matter of fact, all songs in the film are different from each other.

We have conventional Hindi songs plus we have separate dance tracks in the film which are on par with the contemporary international dance scene.”

So what was the motivating factor for the team? “Well, we had no choice but to innovate and think out of the box,” he says. And is he nervous now that his film is hitting the big screen on August 22? “Nervous as well as excited,” he says, “and in some ways, also empty.

For last so many years I did nothing but eat, sleep and dream about this project. It feels kind of strange now that work on the film is over.”

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