I didn't want to miss out on anyone during speech: Sachin Tendulkar

Mar 03, 2014, 11:18 IST | PTI

Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar reveals what went into his memorable end-of-career speech last November at Wankhede Stadium; says he wanted to remember all important people

He delivered his farewell speech with such emotional conviction that many were left wiping tears but retired batting legend Sachin Tendulkar said his only preparation for the stirring address was to remember the "important" names he wanted to mention.

Sachin Tendulkar delivering his farewell speech on Nov 16, 2013 Pic/Suresh KK
Sachin Tendulkar delivering his farewell speech on Nov 16, 2013 Pic/Suresh KK 

The 20-minute speech, which Tendulkar delivered after his final Test in Mumbai last year, was lauded by one and all for its emotional clarity so much so that the spectators at the Wankhede and those glued to TV sets were teary-eyed.

Reflecting on it, Tendulkar revealed that he planned on delivering a speech after his penultimate Test on a flight from Kolkata to Mumbai. "I was flying back from Kolkata to Mumbai and then I realised that this is going to be my last match.

I was sitting alone and you know I better think of something, think of people I need to mention because before I realise, Mumbai match would also be over and all of a sudden, I would be standing in front of my peers," Tendulkar said at a promotional event hosted by Network 18 Group here.

"Then the whole world would be waiting for me to say something. I didn't want to do was to miss out on any name. It was a special moment for me. I mentioned all the names and rest of the things came from my heart.

I knew I would get emotional and hence for safety, I was carrying a bottle of water as well which kept me going. But those things you cannot script. "It's the Almighty's wish. Everything went off much much better than what I had expected," he added.

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