I do relate to Indian cinema in some way, says Ronaldinho

Dec 31, 2012, 09:11 IST | Shakti Shetty

Everybody loves Ronaldinho. The footballing legend who dazzled millions with his inimitable skills and talent during his heydays is now part of an animation feature film

Since the co-producers of this ambitious project are Pune-based, the ever-smiling Brazilian paid the city a visit as part of the promotions. Interestingly, his famous bucktooth seemed ‘corrected’ during an interpreter-facilitated interaction with media. The Portuguese-speaking twice World Footballer of the Year shares his thoughts about India, football, cinema and a lot more with CS.


Bollywood, someone?
I can’t name any actor or actresses in particular but I’m well aware of the sort of popularity the Hindi film industry enjoys on a global scale. These films are known to have a strong musical backdrop. I’m a musical person too and I love samba. In fact, I love playing the drums. I do relate to Indian cinema in some way or the other.

Not done yet
This is the first time I’m part of full-length animation movie where a superhero based on me is fighting aliens for humanity’s sake. I’m enjoying the process and I believe it’s going to be an entertaining experience. Also, the movie’s release will coincide with the FIFA World Cup 2014 so I’m thrilled. Having said that, I’m not done with football yet although I’m open to the idea of acting in films in the future.

I haven’t been to India before but I always wanted to give this country a visit. So naturally, I’m glad that I’m finally here. Back home in Brazil, we have a very popular soap opera titled Caminho das Índias so I can tell you that we have an idea what India is all about. Even though I’m here for a short stay this time around, I want to tour historical places like the Taj Mahal and have memories to cherish in the future.

Style and substance
To me, football is all about beauty. I don’t subscribe to one particular style as I genuinely feel that every footballer could add something joyful. It’s the world’s largest played sport and the football styles are always going to differ from one individual to another, one club to another or from one country from another. To me, football should be beautiful and entertaining at the same time. 

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