I don't lie to be preachy: Abhishek Kapoor

Feb 05, 2013, 11:48 IST | Kunal M Shah

The director talks about adapting Chetan Bhagat's novel and every film having its own destiny

Adapting Chetan Bhagat’s novel into a full-fledged film was never going to be easy. And Abhishek Kapoor kept his other project — sequel of Rock On!! — to concentrate on this big screen adaptation. Sitting in his Khar residence, he chats about his Sushant Singh Rajput-Amit Sadh-Rajkumar Yadav starrer and his equation with Farhan Akhtar. 

Abhishek Kapoor

You had two films at the same time. Why did you choose this and not Rock On!! 2?
When I took on this book to adapt it into a screenplay, I realised that it was not going to be easy. I had only worked on original screenplays before. There are different rules to the game when you are making a film but ultimately we cracked it. I can’t deny the fact that it is an adaptation but we have also added a lot of value to the script.

After Rock On!! you had the luxury to work with stars. Why newcomers?
The film got me acclaim and I thought why not make my next one with stars? I had done my best work. But I realised that if I get one star then the other two would look like flunkies, which I did not want. After all it is a story of three friends. I firmly believe that every film has a destiny of its own and that is what has happened. If I can’t make a film now that I really want to, then I should not be in this business at all.

How have you dealt with the many riot portions in the novel? Were they tricky?
See, the film is not about the riots and I know that they can sometimes turn out to be provocative and controversial. They are there in the film but in the right measure. Also I am not qualified enough to understand who is right or who is wrong. I am qualified to understand human relations and the film is about friendship and emotions. I don’t lie to be preachy.

Initially Farhan Akhtar was part of this project. How are things between him and you now?
I love that boy! Sometimes you do not agree with everything. For me it was very important to make this film as I had committed myself to this book and most importantly I believed in the story. There is nothing personal and my relationship with him is fine.  

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