I don't listen to people who don't matter: Deepti Naval

Feb 07, 2013, 08:53 IST | Asira Tarannum

The veteran actress talks about being fearless and having ample time to chase her creative pursuits

Sitting with a cup of piping hot tea, Deepti Naval is as elegant as the numerous antiques in her Versova apartment. The veteran actress reminisces about being called a star many years ago, her creative dreams and her recently released film Listen Amaya...

Deepti Naval

You are known for making independent choices. Did you ever face social stigma?
I am fearlessly independent. I have the courage to go against the tide and pay a price for my choices. In real life, I am exactly opposite of my screen image. I am an artiste and truly a free spirit. My family has always appreciated and supported me for my choices. I don’t listen to people who don’t matter to me.

How was it to work with Farooque Shaikh after so many years?
The feeling of working after so long was there only for the initial hours. After a while, we were comfortable. It’s just that we didn’t get a script earlier that we both should have said yes to. I did not know Farooque was opposite me before I signed Listen Amaya.

Why this film?
Very few films have been made on this subject. This film was made on a very sensitive note. It connects with people who have single mothers, widowed father, single parents... Kids will live their lives and move on but parents have every right to pursue their happiness.

You were a fan of trekking. Do you still take off on your own?
Earlier I used to take my car and drive till Delhi and then from there to Ladakh and go for a trek. Now times have changed, you have to think about your safety. Earlier there were people who came forward to help. However, this generation may not have seen my films so they might not recognise me. At that time we were stars and people knew us instantly.

You are also a multi-tasker. How do you manage to do all that?
Time hi time hai na…There are so many creative outlets. I have written two books. I love photography and painting. My time goes in my creative pursuits. Now I have been told to take care of my health also. I love writing and it excites me the most. I will also be doing a painting exhibition soon.  

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