'I don't have a happening love life...'

Mar 19, 2014, 06:02 IST | Dear Diana

I'm 21 and currently doing my postgraduation. I'm not good at studies, but somehow manage to scrape through

Dear Diana,
I'm 21 and currently doing my postgraduation. I'm not good at studies, but somehow manage to scrape through. The reason I feel I am not good at academics is because I don't have a love life. Everyday, I notice how almost everyone in college has someone to look forward to. All my pals have someone special in their lives. I don't have anyone on the scene.
— Samadhan


Dear Samadhan,
You appear to be a frustrated individual who feels the rest of the people around you are having a whale of a time. You need something to blame for your poor academic records, so you are finding it convenient to blame lack of marks to a non-existent love life. Whoever has told you that an absence of a girlfriend leads to poor marks needs to get his head examined along with yours. Remember, your love life can also be a distraction from your studies. Right now study well and make friends to find that someone special in your life.

Dear Diana,
I will be getting married soon, but my girlfriend's parents have have laid down a condition that I should stay away from my family after marriage. I don't understand the logic behind this demand. They say that they want to be sure that I'll take care of her after marriage. My girlfriend has an elder brother who is unmarried, so I asked them whether they'd be okay if he, too, leaves them after he ties the knot. This enraged my potential father-in-law.
— Alok

Dear Alok,
Your prospective in-laws appear to be psychos. No one can tell you who you should interact with and not. They can't tell you to cut off ties with your family. Tell them that you are capable of striking a balance of keeping your folks as well as their daughter happy. If they insist on their demands, call the marriage off as they are just not worth it.

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