'I don't think Shah Rukh and I can ever be backslapping buddies'

Published: Dec 18, 2011, 08:22 IST | Krutika Behrawala |

As Priyanka Chopra awaits the back-to-back (December and January) release of two ambitious remakes -- Don 2 and Agneepath -- the actress is also busy shooting for Barfee, Kunal Kohli's next and Krrish 3. Sunday MiD DAY catches up with her for a t te- -t te on famous co-stars and the latest entrant in her life

As Priyanka Chopra awaits the back-to-back (December and January) release of two ambitious remakes -- Don 2 and Agneepath -- the actress is also busy shooting for Barfee, Kunal Kohli's next and Krrish 3. Sunday MiD DAY catches up with her for a t te- -t te on famous co-stars and the latest entrant in her life

Your character in Don 2 character is being labelled a jungli billi's. Are you a 'jungli billi' off-screen as well?
Yes, I am quite a 'jungli billi'. I stand up for myself and I won't tolerate being treated badly. That's jungli enough.

Co-stars Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan at Lower Parel
Pic/ Satyajit Desai

Does your character, Roma, go through a transformation in this film?
Yes, she has evolved in the last four years. She goes through a change in her beliefs and in her personality. She is angrier and more upset.
It was very difficult to act in a sequel because you had to take the same character you played the first time round and make it more interesting. But Farhan (Akhtar, the director) has written all our characters brilliantly.
Don 2 has some incredible dhishoom-dhishoom action, banging cars etc. And I get to do some incredible action sequences like automobile chases. There is a fist fight that my character gets into too. I had to prepare for all my action sequences.

Now that you have worked with Shah Rukh again, has he become your buddy?
I don't think we can ever be backslapping buddies. He has always been somebody I have admired and seeing such an amazing actor on set is a pleasure. I feel a tremendous amount of respect for him.

Do you ever envision a Don 3 or Don 4 with playing the Don?
No, let him be the Don. I'd much rather be the 'jungli billi' (laughs).

You have done two remakes, Don and Agneepath, back-to-back. Which character was tougher to play?
In Agneepath, I play a lower middle class Maharashtrian girl, so to draw on that character was very interesting for me. Don is a slick, cool, action film. Both the characters were challenging and different.

Have you had a chance to see Katrina Kaif's item number, 'Chikni chameli' for Agneepath yet?
I have seen bits of the song. I have been shooting for three films at the same time so I haven't really gotten around to seeing the full song yet.
I am really excited about Katrina being a part of Agneepath, because it will add so much to the glory of the movie. I love the song, and she will be incredible in it.

Speaking of which, songs and music have suddenly assumed major importance in your life  -- you will soon be debuting with your own music album!
Music was something that I was always very fond of and this was an interesting opportunity that came my way. Now let's see where it goes.
I am not really thinking about it and putting pressure on myself. I will wait to see when it happens.

In what way have you collaborated with international star Jay Sean for your album?
Jay has written a couple of songs for my album. But eventually the songs that stay in the album will be the ones the label takes. We worked together and wrote a few songs and had lot of fun doing it.

Are you a trained singer?
I trained in Western Classical music while I was in the US.

You have written the lyrics for your songs in the album. So what do they reveal about your personality?
(Laughs) Well, lyrics are a reflection of one's  personality. It is not like I am going to be writing gossip about myself.
I am a very private person but
I spill a lot of my personality into my songs and in the lyrics I write.

What kind of music do you like listening to?
I love listening to a lot of house, hip-hop and pop music. At the same time, I like listening to Bollywood songs as well.
My biggest musical influence has been my father. Music is his hobby so I grew up on music. I have woken up in the mornings to Mohammed Rafi, Lataji and Ashaji. I have always been very musically inclined.

Do you have any plans for singing your own songs in Hindi films?
Not yet. Everything depends on how I am accepted.

Coming back to films, you have quite a mixed bag coming up -- Krrish 3 with Hrithik Roshan, Barfee opposite Ranbir Kapoor and Kunal Kohli's next with Shahid Kapoor.
I always like to do different genres of movies. We have done only three-four days of shooting for Krrish 3 as yet; and I am very excited. It's great to get back on the set with everybody from the earlier team.
Kunal Kohli's film has an amazing script and I wanted to work under his direction.
As for Barfee, it was a tremendous challenge because it's a comedy yet at the same time I am playing an autistic character.

What barfee do you like best?
Kaju katri. I eat it whenever I can get my hands on some.

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