'I don't understand our critics'

Apr 13, 2012, 08:30 IST | Shakti Shetty

When it comes to films, Shreyas Talpade feels that the public ultimately buys a ticket for what is entertaining

Every actor in Bollywood wants to arrive at some point or the other but Shreyas Talpade claims he doesn’t. This may sound too poetic to be true but given his risky choice of films, the statement holds substance. After the debacle of few unsuccessful films last year, he appears content with the outcome of his latest film.

Entering Bollywood as a ‘serious’ actor after dabbling in television and theatre, Shreyas is nowadays seen opting for rather comic roles. We asked the actor to deliberate on his choice of films...

As an actor, what makes you choose a particular movie?
First of all, the character must have something new to express so it depends on my faith in the given script. Secondly, a comfortable relationship has to be established with the filmmakers.

Were these criteria observed before you signed up for Housefull 2?
Not exactly! There are movies you do for your friends. Sajid (Khan) just called me to ask if I’d like to be in this multi-starrer sequel and I agreed.

But the film critics weren’t too positive about the movie…
I don’t understand our critics. Tell me how do you distinguish between good and bad cinema? Public go and watch what they feel is entertaining. Moreover not all films are made to please the critics. In any case, nothing is good enough for them!

Multi-starrers vs solo films?
Multi-starrers have their own charm. It’s fun to have so many actors on the sets and we end up having a picnic! I’m glad to be part of franchises like Golmaal and Housefull. Having said that, my next is quite a solo effort. It’s a sci-fi made in 3D. By the way, I can’t keep doing offbeat films just for the heck of it.

I’ll be repeating myself if I keep doing that. When Shyambabu (Benegal) makes a film, he has a niche audience and I can’t expect these very same folks to enjoy my other films. We have to accept the fact that everybody has a different taste.

Who do you look up to for inspiration?
In Bollywood, it has to be Amitabh Bachchan. The sheer conviction he displays in the characters he plays and the respect he commands is phenomenal.

Do you see yourself in Marathi cinema anytime soon?
If an interesting offer comes my way, why not? The Marathi film industry is going through a very exciting phase and churning out beautiful films. All it lacks is a Shah Rukh Khan! 

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