'I dumped her in a fit of rage...'

Nov 14, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

I recently broke up with my girl. We were together for four years

Dear Diana,
I recently broke up with my girl. We were together for four years. We were having our differences, but she did not care to salvage the situation. She had taken me for granted. So, last week, I decided to cut off all ties with her. I told her that I did not want to see her face again. It was a hasty decision and now I regret it. My girlfriend is not taking my calls or responding to my text messages. When our common friends talk about me, she behaves as if she does not know me. She refuses to even acknowledge that I was her guy for four years. I miss her presence. What should I do? I did not think about the consequences before taking the decision. This was my way of telling her that our relationship was hitting rock bottom. I thought she would ask me why I was going my way and beg me not to. But she turned against me and does not even care for what has happened.
— Parthiv

Dear Parthiv,
It is clear that you still love your girl. Your plan was to caution her, but it backfired on you. You only wanted to tell her that things were not as before, but after telling her you did not want to see her face, what could she do? You did not know how to handle it. You went overboard and in a fit of anger told her to get lost. It now appears to have become an ego issue. Even if you try to patch up with her, things will never be the same like before. If you really care for her, woo her back. It looks difficult though for now, so wait for some time to elapse and things cool down.

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