I enjoy being unpredictable: Kangna Ranaut

Oct 20, 2013, 05:42 IST | Itee Sharma

Kangana Ranaut is candid with a quirky sense of humour. In a tell-all interview, she admits why she doesn't mind being eye-candy in films to earn some quick bucks, how sarcasm is the best tool for revenge and hopes that people will have new-found respect for her after watching her play characters with diverse shades in 'Krrish 3', 'Rajjo', 'Revolver Rani' and 'Queen'

There was a phase when you did films with ensemble casts, but now you have title roles in three upcoming films — Rajjo, Queen and Revolver Rani. You are also romantically paired with Hrithik Roshan in 'Krrish3'.
Sometimes, you have to do projects where you get paid and you move on. I don’t take myself too seriously. You may think you are worthy of a lot, but that can be your personal opinion about yourself. I don’t have any parallel business; cinema is my sole career… if I am in a financial crisis, I will do such films; but I will not dance at weddings (laughs). 

Now, do you feel you have made a place in the film industry?
Yes. I am getting a lot more respect than I ever did, and this is what I had worked hard for. It is interesting to see the faith my directors have in me. They visualise me in drastically different roles — Tigmanshu Dhulia could see me as a dacoit from Chambal in Revolver Rani, Vikas Bahl thought of me as an average-looking girl who comes from a small town in Queen and Vishwas Patil, my Rajjo director, thinks I am very sensuous and therefore he cast me as a girl from Nagpada who dances for a living.

Kangna Ranaut interview

So which one is the real Kangana most similar to — Rajjo, Queen or Revolver Rani?
None. I relate a lot to my superwoman character in Krrish 3 (laughs). But you can’t expect me to jump from a building.

Was it difficult to play a mutant with superhuman powers?
I had to look very stylish and seductive in Krrish 3. The action was a bit difficult though. My hair would often get entangled in the cables. Playing a mutant was easier than doing the action in Revolver Rani for sure. Revolver Rani is a politician-dacoit and I am beating up people with belts in the movie. Every woman is going to love it (laughs). Revolver Rani has more action than I have ever done, and I have never been so brutal. My character is not at all good looking — I have used prosthetic scars and a crooked nose.

Did you feel emotionally unburdened after performing all this action onscreen?
I believe in sarcasm … not in hitting people with my own hands (giggles).

How did you reconcile with the Roshans after you were apparently unhappy with your role in their previous production, Kites?
Anurag Basu directed that film, not Rakesh Roshan.

So are you on good terms with Anurag now?
He spotted and cast me in Gangster; no other director will ever be as special to me as Anurag.

Krrish 3 will be your second film with Priyanka Chopra after Fashion. Do you have any scenes with her in Krrish 3?
We have a few scenes together. Priyanka is a brilliant actress. I was very young, when she was crowned Miss World, I remember seeing her on TV. When I worked with her in Fashion, I was still a newcomer. Apart from acting, she has added another facet to her personality — that of a singer. 

Would you say you keep changing your style statement?
While working with Milan Luthria in Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai, he paid me a compliment and called me a chameleon. I played an actress, who appears in many wigs and attires. Everyone was amazed at how I managed to look different every time. And now after Krrish 3, I am the official chameleon. I enjoy being unpredictable.

Your personal life has always made news earlier. But there’s silence now. What is your view on live-in relationships?
I don’t believe in them. I can’t share my room with someone. In a relationship, you don’t have to really be with the person 24x7. But things are different in a live-in relationship.

Are you ruling out the thought of marriage then?
Oh, no. But I am happy with my life now. I am curiously anticipating the release of all these films. I do have a reality check. After a good body of work, I will be a lot more in demand than right now.

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