I fall for older men and they use me...

Feb 18, 2013, 08:12 IST | Diana

I'm 27 and financially independent. I've been going out with older men as I'm not very fond of guys my age

Dear Diana,
I find the younger men immature and I covet the former as they have something insightful to say. To be blunt, they like me physically as well as emotionally. However, I’ve never had a stable relationship even once. Turns out older folks just want to use me and then move on as if nothing happened. Is this a sign that I should go out with younger men for a change? Or am I at fault?
— Jugni

Dear Jugni,
You know the problem and the solution. The older guys are using you only to satisfy their sexual needs. Remember they may be married so they look upon you for some fun outside marriage. Once they are satiated, they drop you like a hot potato. Perhaps you have not met the right type of guys in your age group or slightly older. Socialise with your age groups and I am sure you will find someone who will love you and not only lust for his sexual needs.

Diana will solve it!
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