'I fantasise about my stepmother'

Sep 17, 2013, 23:42 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I am 20 and after almost a decade of being a widower, my father remarried recently.

My stepmother is 41 but looks younger. Seeing her around in the house, I have developed feelings for her. I even fantasise about her. After my mother passed away in a mishap, my dad and I used to live with my grandmother. But after her demise three years ago, my dad felt lonely and decided to remarry. I looked up on the internet and found that there are several young guys who are attracted to their stepmothers, especially those who look young.
— Baran

Dear Baran,
Most boys have a problem with their stepmom. But you are far from it and in fact are attracted to her. All these years, you did not have a young woman in the house, so perhaps her presence is proving to be a source of distraction to you. However, your relationship with your father can be damaged. Yes, these kind of things happen. But I’d suggest you don’t try anything too crazy — she’s your stepmother after all. So admire her from a distance and build a good bond with her. She can be your best buddy too.

Diana will solve it!
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