I feel like calling my ex guy

Published: 26 October, 2012 07:36 IST | Dear Diana |

Dear Diana, I was in a relationship with a guy for about a year. We just broke off one day. We just drifted apart. He was married and he suddenly developed cold feet.

He did call me once or twice after that. But I was very cordial. After that he did not call nor did I. Last week after some three years, I bumped into him on the streets. He was on a bike and he stopped to say hi. I remained extremely cordial and replied to whatever he asked. It was stuff like how are you, what have you been up to? But ever since I can’t stop thinking about him. I feel like calling him. It just hurts because I’m wasting my time falling head over heels for a guy that does not care for me.
— Zubeida

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Zubeida,
Do not call him as then one thing will lead to another. Remember the past cannot be part of the present. Let him remain a part of yesterday. He may have stopped to say a hello to you on the road. But don’t put too much meaning into it. He should not have stopped you on the road for a short conversation. As you say he is married and has developed cold feet. This man is not at all worthy of your love. He just used you for his physical pleasures. When he got bored of you, he moved on. Stop thinking about him and move on in life.

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