'I feel sad that he is not with us anymore'

Jul 20, 2012, 08:55 IST | Shakti Shetty

Debutant director Vikram Sandhu was keen on late Dara Singh to be part of his Punjabi film

When Dara Singh passed recently, the entire film industry was plunged into sadness. Debutant director Vikram Sandhu still cannot believe the veteran actor is no more.  Not only was it a personal loss for him, but a professional one too. Vikram who is soon to make his Bollywood directorial debut had signed the late actor for his upcoming Punjabi project.

Dara Singh and Vikram Sandhu
Dara Singh and Vikram Sandhu

The director also maintains that his family shared an excellent rapport with the actor and wanted him to portray the role of the protagonist’s father. Vikram says, “He had signed my film but now I feel sad that he is not with us anymore.” When asked whether he has decided upon a replacement to fill in the late Singh’s shoes, Vikram says he has been too overwhelmed after his death to give that a thought. He adds, “Work goes on. We will think of someone but right now it is very painful to come to terms with the reality.” 

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