I found my wife and her ex-flame's sex tapes

Jul 11, 2012, 06:29 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, While rummaging through a cupboard at home to find some documents, I found a pouch containing a CD

I barely check the cupboard as my wife keeps all important documents, cheque books, jewellery, etc in it. But as she was not at home, and I needed it urgently, she told me to check it. The keys to this cupboard are kept in another cupboard. Out of curiosity, I played the CD and to my utter shock they were sex-tapes of my wife with her ex! I knew my wife for two years before we got married and we both knew that we were physical with our ex flames. But why would she make tapes of her sexual encounters and top it all, keep them? What do I do?
— Chatur

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Chatur,
It really beats me why your wife would want to keep the CD in a place of easy reach for you. And to top it she even tells you to go through her stuff, not worrying even for a nanosecond that you may find it and create hell for her. Has she forgotten about it? Or does she not know the content? Highly unlikely. Your wife is a scatterbrain for sure. You need to ask her what all this means. There are many people out there who tape their sexual escapades which often end up as a MMS and wreak havoc in their lives. They blame it to the heat of the moment! Also, you need to check if your wife’s ex is back in her life. If he is, then this was a signal to make you aware. 

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