'I had no clue my girlfriend was two-timing me...'

Jun 25, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

My live-in girlfriend and a pal of mine were going around behind my back

Dear Diana,
My live-in girlfriend and a pal of mine were going around behind my back. I had no clue that she was two-timing me. She was such a smooth operator that I had no inkling that she was having an affair with him for the last six months. I caught them unawares. She thought that I was travelling for work, but by chance I happened to return before the scheduled date. I was shocked to see them together at our place. I just walked out in a huff. I have not bothered to contact her ever since, but told the landlord that I am moving out. At the same time, I feel I should have created a scene. I feel I let her go too easily and that's what she wanted. She has been calling me and sending me SMSes that she is sorry, but I am not responding. Should I even give her a chance to explain?
— Jacob


Dear Jacob,
You can give her a chance to say what she wants, but only to give her a piece of your mind. Not only she, but your best buddy, too, has cheated on you. The two of them did such a foolproof job that you had no clue what was going on behind your back. Don't even think of giving her a second chance after what she has done to you. Get going with your life and let them be. They can pay the remaining house rent for the notice period. Now when you look back, you feel that creating a scene may have made you feel better, but it would have led to more acrimony between you two. People will only say that you were a fool to not know what was going on behind your back. It will no doubt be tough for you, but you have to move on.

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