I have my good and bad foodie days: Tisca Chopra

Jul 17, 2012, 08:58 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Tisca Chopra believes that indulgence in moderation can do no harm. The lady who's learnt to control her dietary habits does have the occasional craving for chaat and cheesecake

“I have my good and bad foodie days,” says Tisca in a philosophical tone to CS who caught up with the talented actor at a weekend brunch in town:

Who: Tisca Chopra
What: On her foodie habits

Healthy eating
Well, I like good food but I do exercise some moderation. Most of the days, I am a healthy eater. You won’t find me straying from my diet too often. But there are some days when I just have to indulge myself. And no amount of restraint works that time. I love chaat. I enjoy bhelpuri, sevpuri, panipuri, etc. Food wise, chaat items are my biggest weakness. I like cheesecakes too. Every week I treat myself to one piece of cheesecake.

High on Thai
My favourite cuisine is Thai. I love the spicy and tangy taste of Thai dishes. Whether it’s the salads, curries or appetizers, Thai cuisine has something for any taste bud. I have also learnt a few Thai dishes that I prepare at home.

What’s cooking?
I am blessed with a fabulous cook at home. Touch wood. I don’t like making the usual rice, dal, roti, etc, and prefer more exotic stuff. I can make some really good soups, salads and baked dishes. My friends love my lotus stem dish that’s accompanied with fruit sauce. I also prepare baked chicken or fish.

Monsoon meter
Though the idea of fried snacks in monsoons is tempting, I have learned to control myself. Nowadays, I indulge in small snacks like bits of Lavash bread, cucumber or carrot sticks dipped in yogurt. If I want something more filling then it’s an egg or salad sandwich.

Romantic meal
My husband Sanjay is a pilot. Sometimes, I travel with him just to eat at a particular place. There is this restaurant called Rosa Mexicana in New York. I remember once travelling with Sanjay to NYC just to eat at that place. It was one heck of a food trip.

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