I hit the boy so hard that my hand still hurts: Molestation victim

Jun 15, 2013, 04:04 IST | Richa Pinto

24-year-old Purva Bhogle thrashed her molester and hauled him to railway cops; she then posted her experience online asking women to stand up and fight

It is common to see music or parody videos go viral on social networking sites. But, a post by 24-year-old Purva Bhogle, a victim of molestation - who asks hesitant women to fight the culprits - has received 2,914 shares in the past two days and has now gone viral.

Putting aside the shock, the youngster shared her experience just an hour after the incident, narrating the sequence of events that occurred on Wednesday evening. Bhogle, in her post, has asked women to take on culprits so that they are not emboldened to continue their anti-social ways. She is also known to have beaten up the culprit so hard and mercilessly that her right hand is still swollen.

No fear
Borivli resident Bhogle, who works with a shipping firm in south Mumbai, was on her way to Vile Parle and at 7.30 pm she boarded a train from Masjid Bunder railway station and was to alight at Dadar. “When the train halted at Dadar, I was the last one to get off from the compartment. A young boy, aged 17, coolly entered the ladies’ compartment and groped me while entering the coach.

As I got off the train, I saw the boy walking towards the other door of the same compartment. I immediately shouted, asking the other ladies to push the boy out of the train, but was not able to explain to them what exactly he had done to me,” said Bhogle yesterday.

24-year-old Purva Bhogle’s hand is still swollen from the beating she gave a molester who groped her while she was alighting from a local train at Dadar Station on Wednesday

She further added, “When I realised that the ladies were not pushing the boy out, I quickly boarded the same train, completely ignoring the fact that I did not have a ticket or pass for the onward train journey. Once I got in, I began slapping and kicking the boy.” But, instead of supporting the feisty girl, the ladies in the compartment, surprisingly, asked her to let go of the boy.

This angered Bhogle. She asked the women if they would have let the boy go if the victim were their daughter or kin. “I then held the boy by his collar and took him to Sion railway police, after he was not ready to get off at Matunga railway station,” said Bhogle. When asked if she was afraid that the boy might try to harm her in future, she said, “Yes, these thoughts did run through my mind but then I was adamant about taking the boy to the police. If such people are let off easily today, they wont think twice before raping another girl tomorrow.”

Sharing online
Bhogle handed the boy over to the police. Satisfied with the beating the boy had received, she made her way to her destination. Then, sitting on a bench at Sion railway station, Bhogle narrated the incident on her Facebook account so that her friends know what to do in case something like this happens to them.

Bhogle is still smarting from the ordeal. “I hit the boy so hard that my hand hurts and is still black. But I am glad that I did not neglect the issue, which many women are known to downplay these days. If women fight against such things today, we would be able to curb instances of molestation and rape in future,” concluded the youngster.

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