I like all kinds of cuisines, says Sonu Nigam

Dec 03, 2013, 08:41 IST | The Centrestage Team

Singer Sonu Nigam believes in exercising to keep himself fit. But cutting down on his favourite food is a big no-no for him

He reveals to CS, “I am a complete foodie. Food is the first thing on my mind on an evening out with friends.

Sonu Nigam

I like all kinds of cuisines, from South Indian appams to Lebanesekababs. I also dig into Greek, Chinese and Japenese dishes.

The Rajasthani gatte ki sabzi is another favourite. The only diet rule I follow is of less carbs and more veggies.

I am not here to prove a thing to anyone by maintaining a physique or getting a six pack. For me, fitness is a way of staying happy.”  

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