'I like him, but we don't talk...'

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There is a guy in our office who I have always liked, but we do not speak. He keeps looking at me and I am keen to get to know him...

Dear Diana,
There is a guy in our office who I have always liked, but we do not speak. He keeps looking at me and I am keen to get to know him. He however just stares. I know for sure he likes me. It's so weird, but neither of us speak to each other. I am keen to know him. Both of us are introverts, so it is making it even more tough for us. My biggest worry is what if one of us quit – then we will never talk to each other forever. I am 24 while he appears to be in his late 20s.
— Sarika

Illustration/ Amit Bandre
Illustration/ Amit Bandre 

Dear Sarika,
What is stopping you from striking a conversation with him? You two are working for the same office so there are many common subjects to talk about. Or get a colleague who knows him to formally introduce you to him. I am sure it can't be so tough. You can also say a hi when he passes by. May be he, too, is in the same situation. By striking a conversation, he might shed his shyness too and start talking.

Dear Diana,
My parents have lined up two girls for me. They have told me to decide who I want to marry. I don't have a clue which one is the right one. I just find both of them truly amazing. To make matters worse, some of my family members like one while the rest prefer the other. How should I choose who is the best suited for me?
— Malcolm

Dear Malcolm,
You are simply attracted to them. First, get to know them well and then decide who you want to spend your life with. Your family is divided in their opinion, but finally it is going to be your choice. Tell your folks that you would like to meet the girls and then decide accordingly. Choose the one who you can relate to and are most comfortable with. Say you want to hang out with them for a while before taking any decision.

Diana will solve it!
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