I like the mystery box: Masterchef Canada judge Claudio Aprile

Mar 04, 2016, 22:09 IST | The Guide Team

Uruguayan-born, Canadian-raised chef Claudio Aprile, who is one of the three judges on Masterchef Canada that airs on Indian television, starting tonight, opens up to mid-day about the contest, Canadian food and much more..

Uruguayan-born, Canadian-raised chef Claudio Aprile is one of the three judges on Masterchef Canada that airs on Indian television, starting tonight. Excerpts from an interview:

Chef Claudio Aprile (right) with fellow judges Michael Bonacini (right) and Alvin LeungChef Claudio Aprile (right) with fellow judges Michael Bonacini (left) and Alvin Leung

What are some of the qualities that you are expecting from MasterChef Canada participant?

A. I am looking for the person who won’t give up and that person who’s willing to step outside of their comfort zone and do something that may they would think that they probably aren’t capable of. I am looking for that person that proves people wrong. Someone who dreams, dreams really really big.

Canada boasts of a multi-cultural population. How of much of this do you expect to see, and will be instrumental in your judging of dishes in the contest?

A. For me, it doesn’t matter that its multicultural or Chinese, Indian, Spanish or French it’s really down to the flavour. If it tastes great, it’s a winner for me. I am not looking for fusion cuisine or multicultural cuisine. I am looking for delicious food. So I don’t care where it’s from.

How would you define Canadian food?

A. I am so excited that Masterchef Canada is going to be experienced in India. It has such a vibrant food culture. It is so rich and big past, of lives and culture. Every household has their way to make different dishes here. It’s such an incredible country in the matter of food. I feel that the show is going to be a huge hit there.

In a sentence, how would you define Canadian food?

A. It’s a big culture melting pot. We have cuisines from all over the world, we have Northern Indian, Southern Indian, and we have the most incredible Chinese cuisine, Lebanese cuisine. Canadian cuisine is incredibly unpredictable; it could be anything that’s what makes it so exciting. It’s all about exciting food what we have here.

Pressure Test or Mystery Box? Which would you rather be in?

A. I like the mystery box. I like surprises. I have always been very curious about new things. I have always been excited by the element of surprise, so not knowing excites me. So, for me, mystery box is the way to go.


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