I like to surprise myself, says Arjun Rampal

Jul 18, 2013, 08:41 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Though his last film Inkaar might have bombed at the box office, actor Arjun Rampal is upbeat about his upcoming projects

“I am getting the kind of work I always hoped for, so I am pretty content,” says the handsome actor. In a short interview with CS, Arjun talks about his career, time management and why fitness is a must:

Arjun Rampal

So far so good
I am very happy with how my career has progressed so far. The kind of work I have been getting in the past couple of years has been very heartening. The fact that some of my films have done well has worked in my favour. I feel that directors are showing faith in me because I have tried to push the envelope with every film of mine. My priority is to do strong characters.

Helping hands
For me, the key to time management is delegation. I am lucky to have a great team that manages all my different ventures for me. Yes, I am there for them whenever they need some clarity on some matters. My role is to share my knowledge, expertise and guide them towards their goals. I never bother much about the small details of the projects. That would drive me crazy (laughs).

Expect the unexpected
I have always taken life as it comes. Becoming an actor or an entrepreneur was never a planned thing. However, I like to surprise others and myself as well (smiles). I feel that one has to take on challenges in life. I always like things that have an element of surprise to them. The same philosophy applies to my films. I have seen that I have fared better whenever I have taken on quirky roles rather than when I have gone down the tried and tested route.

Regime role
Whatever my schedule, I always manage to find time to workout. It is the tonic that keeps me going. So, more than the looks, fitness is necessary for stamina, good health and a sense of relaxation. Fitness is my source of energy.

Pillar of support
My wife Mehr is my worst critic. She has seen each and every film of mine, and given her honest feedback. After watching every film, she gives a nod of the head. From that, I try to understand whether it is a positive or a negative nod.  

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