I'm an accidental actor, says Saqib Saleem

Sep 09, 2013, 09:32 IST | Shakti Shetty

His last Bollywood venture showcased him as an openly gay character � a rarity in itself. Saqib Saleem will be next seen playing a skating coach

The Harry Potter fan says he hardly gets time to spend with sister Huma Qureshi, although they stay in the same apartment at Oshiwara. In a chat with CS, the 25-year-old shares more…

Saqib Saleem

Sudden change
I’m an accidental actor. I would do nothing but play cricket before acting happened. One day, someone suggested I try modelling and I said, “Why not?”. One thing led to another and I ended up in a film (laughs). In all honesty, this is the first time I’ve received undivided appreciation. Nothing was planned as my career suddenly took off.

Luck by chance
In 2008, I told my dad that I wanted to move to Mumbai and stay independently for at least a year. Luckily enough, modelling led to ads which led to me meeting Shanoo Sharma (casting director). I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been lucky. Yes, talent matters but I’m sure there are thousands of guys out there who are more talented and better-looking than me. It’s something I keep reminding myself everyday.

Not critically challenged
People from the industry often say that they don’t take reviews seriously. Well, I do. I’ve read almost everything, even a small blog that was written about my performance in a film. I don’t bother with gossips but I can’t afford to not know what people think about my work.  I need to keep up with the pulse of my audience and stay connected with the audience. I like writing and expressing myself through words so it’s quite obvious that I’d like to read what others have to say.

Out of the box
People in this industry like an actor to have a set image because it’s convenient for them. I don’t believe in this formula as I feel that an actor should try everything under the sun. Adapting is what our job is all about! Besides, I’m not that guy I play in a movie. Look at Ryan Gosling or Ranbir Kapoor from our very own Bollywood - the kind of films they are doing is what sets them apart from the rest. I also admire Leo DiCaprio for his choice of films. Like I said, they simply refuse to be typecast.

Little wonder
Partho Gupte (of the Stanley Ka Dabba fame) is adorable as well as gifted. I’m playing his skating coach in our upcoming film. And from my experience of working with him on the sets, I can tell you that he’s the finest child actor we have right now in the industry. He won a National Award for his first film and I won’t be surprised if he repeats it again with this one. At such a young age, he’s more than amazing.

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