I'm done with the tubs of ice cream: Sophie Choudry

Nov 05, 2012, 08:47 IST | Kunal M Shah

Sophie Choudry on why it's cool to party post a break-up and being okay with the 'glamorous' tag

Sophie Choudry, who has just released a new video, has lots to say...

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Sophie Choudry

You are known to be a glamour girl. But people who know you vouch otherwise...
Ever since I moved to Mumbai from London I was tagged sexy, hot, glam, etc. I have no issues with these tags. People assume that I am a party girl, which I am really not. But I think it’s okay to have two separate images. After all not everyone needs to know I am a London School of Economics graduate, a nerd and completely family and work-orientated.

Why have you stayed away from the big screen for so long?
I wasn’t happy with the offers I was getting so I decided to take a step back, do a few workshops and focus on my live stage shows. I will soon be seen on screen in a really brilliant project with one of my favourite directors. I think a lot of filmmakers just think that I am busy.

Tell us something about your new song...
The track is actually from the film Anhonee. We have however changed a lot in terms of the melody, lyrics and have just made it very today. It just happened over a casual conversation with Vishal-Shekhar who suggested I remix one of my own old songs. It’s my best work ever! I even worked hard to get in shape for it.

What about your new video?
My video is about what happens post a break-up. I am done with the days of endless tears and tubs of ice cream. You are still fabulous, sexy and desirable. It’s really okay to go out there, have a drink and party! After all, happiness lies within yourself. 

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