I'm high on proteins, says Indian bodybuilder Miihier Singh

Feb 23, 2014, 12:55 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Miihier Singh, 24, who was the only Indian to represent the country at the 47th Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championship, is focussed on being the best at what he does

Miihier Singh is a physique athlete. Physique athletes are men who have an athletic and aesthetically pleasing physique. In competitions, they are usually judged on muscularity, body conditioning, stage presence and personality. Singh is the only Indian to have competed at the world level in this category.

Miihier Singh believes everyone should be concerned about fitness
Miihier Singh believes everyone should be concerned about fitness

This 24-year-old Mumbai lad has also brought laurels to the country, standing fourth at the 47th Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championship in the Men’s Physique Open category and winning a silver medal at the 5th World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championship held in Hungary, in November last year. But he wants to be the best in his field, so temptations like partying and girls will have to wait.

Tell us about your formative years. We heard you were a cricketer earlier. How did the transition from cricketing to fitness take place?
After my schooling in Mumbai, I moved to London for my diploma in business administration. Later, I did a few vocational courses on nutrition and fitness. I used to play cricket as a kid. In London, I played for my college and first division club cricket and then got an opportunity to play for Surrey County Cricket Club under 16 and then under 19 and the second 11 team. The transition from cricket to fitness was never intentional. Fitness is an integral part of any sport, especially cricket. A nutritional diet has always been a part of my life and thus, the gradual transition.

Does it bother you that people in India are not very aware of the physique athlete category? Do you think a lot needs to be done in order to promote the sport here?
Not really. Everything takes time to get popular. The best things have an everlasting effect on people’s minds and grow on them eventually. Gradually, upcoming shows and expos will encourage and inspire people towards this sport.

Does winning awards and medals give you enough boost to keep giving this sport your best?
Yes, it does. It also gives me a chance to showcase what men’s physique is all about. When I won the silver medal for India at the 5th World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports championship in Hungary last year, it was a high for me, as it was India’s first medal in that category.

How do you keep temptations like partying and girls at bay to focus on your work?
As you rightly said, I have to focus on my work. It’s my time to prove my mettle. Other enjoyments of life can come after that. I will not deny that I like to party, but discipline and consistency is what drives me. And what will I do if I take a girl out? I don’t eat out and mostly carry my meals with me. I rarely party. I don’t smoke and drink. I’m high on proteins!

How are you preparing yourself for the upcoming championships?
I’ll represent India at the Toronto Pro Supershow in May and also the Asians championship. I’m preparing myself with a strict diet regime and strong workout routines.

How much more can you improve and what other milestones do you wish to achieve?
I want to get better and better every day. I want to represent my country, win more championships and medals and create more awareness about fitness.

Miihier’s daily regime

Breakfast: Two oranges, two bananas, a handful of muesli/cereals and 10 egg whites. Also has 10 almonds and
10 walnuts
Afternoon: Brown rice and 200 gm of boiled chicken, broccoli green beans and mushrooms
Evening snack: Sweet potatoes and steamed basa fish
Snack: Brussel sprouts and 10 eggs
Dinner: Tomato soup and grilled salmon

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